ICI Project Room: Screens by Dione Roach

di | 1 Mag 2016

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ICI Project Room: Screens by Dione Roach

The Italian Cultural Institute presents the ICI Project Room, a new space for contemporary art. It will open with Screens, an exhibition of works by Dione Roach.

From April 2016, the ICI Project Room will offer a programme of exhibitions showcasing the work of Italian and international emerging artists, as well as running a series of residencies and activating in new ways the Institute’s already existing facilities, such as the adjacent library and reading room, and the newly redesigned courtyard.
The aim of the project is to appeal to a broad range of audiences, offering a programme that engages with international and current discourses within the contemporary art world. It aims to become fertile ground for young cultural practitioners to propose and develop ideas, and will establish collaborations with other art institutions both in the UK and Italy.

The space will open on Wednesday 13 April with Screens, an exhibition of works by Dione Roach. A London based Italo-Australian artist working with painting, photography and video, Dione Roach has been in residency at the Italian Cultural Institute since September 2015.
Her recent work draws together autobiographical notes through repetitive and at times almost obsessive series of small scale paintings on wood and prints on paper, which explore themes of identity, sexuality and youth as lived through the digital screens and mediated and shaped by technology; yet her exploration into the nature of contemporary relationships involves close observation, material wanderings and slow reflections, and conserves a unique feeling of intimacy with the subjects explored.

This project is the first of a short series developed in partnership with the V&A in dialogue with the exhibition Botticelli Reimagined.

The exhibition will open on 13 April at 7pm and will remain open till 22 May, opening hours Mon-Fri from 10:00am to 5:30pm.

Dione Roach was born in 1989 in Italy to an Italian mother and Australian father. She grew up in the Tuscan countryside and moved to London in 2009 to study fine art at University of East London. She works mainly with painting and video and has spent a long time between Colombia and Ecuador working on community video-art projects. Currently she is working on an extensive painting and mixed-media body of work involving the interaction between the Internet and intimacy. Her work has been exhibited widely including a solo show in the “Centro de Arte Contemporanea” in Quito, Ecuador, and “the nude” show at Sotheby’s S|2 London. She lives in London.

DA Mer 13 Apr 2016 Al Dom 22 Mag 2016
Dalle 18:00 alle 21:00
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