Luce e Spazio|Con un’installazione di Fab Moretti

di | 1 Gen 2022

Luce e Spazio|Con un’installazione di Fab Moretti

Sotheby’s Los Angeles is pleased to present Fab Moretti’s (Visual Artist & Drummer of The Strokes) KUBE alongside Light & Space, a collection of artworks by renown artists of the Californian movement from the 1960s onwards. Moretti’s KUBE is an immersive installation celebrating the pioneering group of artists who challenged perspective and traditional ways of creating, presenting viewers with a new way of experiencing art. Moretti’s work is a culmination of the movement’s use of unique materials such as neon, glass and resins, aiming to make the perspective an artist medium within itself. Through a comprehensive selection of paintings and sculptures, we will showcase the incredible influence the movement has played in art history and remains to do so today.

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